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Policies Library

504 Due Process Procedures​​


Absences and Excuses K-12

Accountability - Professional Staff

Adult Education Programs

Alcohol Tobacco-Drugs

Annual Budget


At Risk Students


Automobile – Motorcycle – Bicycle Use

Banking Services

Benefits – Eligibility

Bidding Requirements

Blood borne Pathogens Exposure Control

Board Member Oath of Office

Board Member Qualifications

Bonded Employees and Officers

Budget Adoption Procedures

Budget Hearing Review

Budget Planning and Prep

Budget transfers

Building and Grounds Security

Bus Driver – Alcohol –Controlled Substances

Bus Driver Duties and Responsibilities

Bus Driver Qualifications

Cell Phone Usage

Censorship of Books and other Instructional Materials

Child Abuse

Child Find Policy

Child Find Regulation

Class Size

Community Activities

Complaints About School Personnel

Complaints and Grievances

Compulsory Attendance and Consent to Withdrawal

Compulsory Attendance

Concurrent College Enrollment

Concussion Protocol


Conduct – Student

Confidentiality Requirements Policy

Confidentiality Requirements Regulation

Conflict of Interest

Contest for Students

Contracts – Advancement

Contracts Compensation Plans

Controversial Issues

Corporal Punishment

Curriculum Textbooks

Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents - Guardians

Custody – Dismissal of Students

Detention of Students

Discipline – Student

Discrimination Grievance Procedure

Discrimination Student Complaint Procedure

Discrimination Student Grievance Procedure Form

Disposal Procedure for School Properties

Dress Code

Drug Free Awareness Program

Drug Free Schools

Drug Free Workplace

Early Graduation

Electronic Device Annual Student Agreement

Electronic Device Employee Agreement

Electronic Device Policy

Emergency –Disaster Plans

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency School Closures

Employment – Non School


EPI Injector Policy JLCD-A

EPI Policy- Standing Order- Epinephrine

EPI Policy- Anaphylactic Reaction Form

EPI Policy- Anaphylactic Emergency Action Plan

EPI Policy- District Life-Threatening Allergy Procedures 2015

EPI Policy- Report of Epinephrine Administration

Equal Opportunity- Title IX ETC


Evaluation and Eligibility Policy

Evaluation and Eligibility Regulation

Evaluation District Staff

Executive Sessions

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra Duty

Eye Protection Devices

Family Medical Leave

FAPE Policy

FAPE Regulation

Fees and Fines for Students


Field Trips and Excursions

First Aid

Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

Fiscal Management- Goals

Fiscal Year

Food Service Management

Food Service Records and Reports

Fund Management for Student Activities

Funds from State and Fed Sources

Gate Receipts and Admissions

Gifts-Solicitations by Students

Gifts and Solicitations

Gifts to School by the Public

Grading System

Grading Exercises

Grading Requirements

Guest Speakers

Guidance Program

Handbooks and Directives

Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying



Head Lice

Health and Wellness

Health Services


Highly Qualified and Professional Development Stipend

Hiring Procedure


Home Based Education Programs

Home-Base Education

Homebound Instruction

Homeless McKinney Vento

Homeless Referral Form


Information Releases

Instructional Goals Programs

Instructional Materials – Maintance and Control

Insurance – Management

Interrogations, Searches, Arrests

Interscholastic Athletics


Investment Guidelines

Isolation Room Incident Report

Job Descriptions

Leave and Absences – Certified Staff

Leave and Absences – Support Staff

Local School Board Legal Status

LRE Policy

LRE Regulation

Management of Funds – Reserves

Military Leave

National Board Certification


Organization of Instruction

Organizational Chart

Orientation – New Staff

Ownership of Instructional Materials

Pandemic Flu Epidemic

Payment Procedures

Payroll Procedures

Performances – Students

Personnel Records



Petty Cash Accounts

Physical Examinations

Physical Restrain Incident Report

Political Activities

PPACA Procedures

Pregnant – Married Students

Procurment Policy and Procedure

Protection of Pupil Rights

Public Conduct on School Property

Public Record Act Policy

Publications – Distribution on Literature

Purchasing Procedures

Reconsideration of Materials Form

Record – Student

Relations with Community Organizations

Religion in the Schools

Request for Student Records

Resignation – Support Staff

Resignations – Professional Staff

Retention- Extended Year

Retired Employee Rehire

RIF Policy

Salary Deductions

School Admissions

School Attendance Areas

School Board Meetings

School Bus Multi-Purpose Vehicle Use

School District Legal Status

School Facilities – Use of

School Improvement Process

School Year

Seclusion and Restraint

Selection and Instructional Materials

Service Animals

Sex Offender Form

Sex Offender

Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

Sexual Harassment Investigation

Sexual Harassment Witness Disclosure Form

Sexual Harassment


Social Events

Solicitation – Advertising in Schools

Special Ed Program Options Policy

Staff Assignments and Transfers

Staff Development

State and Federal Aid Applications

Student Conduct on Buses

Student Organizations

Student Record Procedures

Student Teaching and Internships

Students Privacy Protection

Substitute Services – Summer Work

Summer School – After School Offerings

Superintendent’s Contract and Compensation


Support Staff At-Will Employment

Telephone Services

Termination – Suspension of Duties

Termination – Suspension

Testing Programs

Title I – Parent Involvement

Tobacco Free Schools

Tobacco Use on School Premises

Traffic and Parking Controls

Transportation – Scheduling and Routing

Transportation - Objectives

Transportation – Private Vehicles

Transportation - Vehicle Uses other than Routes

Transportation Handbook

Transportation Records and Reports

Transportation Services

Travel Expenses Reimbursements


Unsafe School Choice Option

Vacancies – Recruitment – Hiring

Vacations and Holidays


Vendor Relations

Videotaping and Filming School Activities

Visitors to School

Volunteer Application and Confidentiality Agreement

Volunteers – Community Resources

Wages and Salaries Benefits Certified Staff

Wages and Salaries Benefits Support Staff

Walkers and Riders


website accessibility

Work Load – Time Schedules

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