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The Infinite Campus Parent Portal allows students and parents to access student grades, assignment information, attendance information, as well as online payments in real time. We are excited to provide this valuable communication tool for the parents and students of Park County School District #1.

First time users:  You will need to contact your child's school administrative assistant to get a Campus Portal Activation Key. This number is needed to associate you with your child(ren) and will be used to create your account.

Park County School District #1 DISTRICT ID: HPVWCJ

Established users: click here to go to the Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal. Sign in with your established username and password. Be sure to set up your user preferences so that if you forget your username or password, it can be sent to you to an email address you provide to the system.

Forgot your username or password? If you have set-up your user preferences, you can click on forgot your password, or forgot your username to begin the process of recovering them.

How do students pay for their meals?
Every student who goes through our cafeteria line will use a unique, personal identification number (PIN) to access their account. Meals are paid for in advance. Parents have the option to add any denomination to the account for the purchase of both breakfast and lunch meals, and extra milk. It is a convenient way to ensure that money is not lost or forgotten during that hectic morning rush!

How do I put money on the account?

  • Using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal you can access the food service information and make an online payment. Please note: online payments should be an immediate transaction, and allow the funds to show on your child's account.
  • You can still send cash or a check to your school's secretary to add it to the account.
  • The money added to the account can be used to purchase breakfast or lunch meals. A la Carte items (at the High School and Middle School) are purchased with cash only, not with the funds in their lunch accounts.

Can I monitor what my student is purchasing?

Sure! By accessing the Infinite Campus Parent Portal you can set up alerts, view the balance on the account, and monitor what is being purchased.

What fees can I pay through the parent portal?

At this time parents are able to pay for food service and limited technology payments only (PMS iPad insurance and fees, PHS Lenova insurance payments). In the future we would like to add additional fees pertaining to your student's school (shop fees, book fines, etc.). Stay tuned for further options to come!

Step 1: Log on to the Parent Portal at:


 Picture of the Infinite Campus log-on screen

Step 2: Click on Payment in the left hand column

 Picture of the food service location within the Parent Portal


Step 3: Choose an amount to pay and hit click continue. The next screen will allow you to hit ADD, to add the credit/debit card information. Parents will be able to post to any or all of their children's accounts, to pay the convenience fee once (per transaction, not per child).

 Picture of where to add a dollar amount

 Picture of where to add the payment method


Step 4: Register your debit/credit card information and hit Save. Once your payment method is complete, you will be asked to confirm, and will be sent back to the payments page to complete the transaction.


 Picture of where to add your debit/credit card

 Picture of Back to Payments


Step 5: You're almost done!

After registering your payment method, and completing the payment amount, you will have the opportunity to print a receipt. Once your payment is complete, your child's account will show the available funds immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions
Parent Portal On-Line Payments


Is there a fee assessed for posting a payment online?
Yes, there is a fee of $2.50 collected by our credit card processor, so we advise submitting a payment that is significant enough to make the fee a reasonable assessment for your payment.  For example, you can submit one payment and apply specific dollar amounts to each child, and only have the convenience fee applied once.

Is there a minimum payment per transaction?
Yes, Park County School District #1 has determined a minimum payment amount of $15.00.

I have children in 3 different schools. Can I make one payment to split between each of their lunch accounts?
Yes, you will be able to apply payments either to one or all of your children's accounts.

I would like to pay both meal money and fines for my child.  Will I be able to choose how much to pay on each?
Yes, you will be able to select the payment type and amount to pay.

Can I make an on-line payment with eCheck?
No, payments may only be made with VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

I don't want to pay the per transaction fee.  What do I do?
Payments of checks or cash are still accepted at the school offices.

When will my payment post to my child's account so they will be able to purchase food?
Payments post instantaneously, so your child will be eligible to purchase food immediately following your submitted online payment.

Is there a cell phone application for the parent portal?
Yes there is, although, we have been advised by Infinite Campus that it is not guaranteed to have real-time data.  The APP is a read-only site, so actions like changing your password or posting a payment are not available.  You can still make a payment on your mobile device by clicking on an internet search engine and going through the portal instead of through the APP. Going through the PCSD #1 website to the A+ Grades link (the Infinite Campus Parent Portal) is recommended in order to see a true and accurate accounting of your student's balances.

The Infinite Campus APP is a read-only site?
Yes, the APP is a read-only site, so actions like changing your password or posting a payment are not available.  Please make sure you click the refresh button each time you click on your Infinite Campus APP to view your student's grades, lunch balance, assignments, etc. This will help assure you are viewing updated information.
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